Flooring Installation in Longmont

Are you about to embark on a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project? If so, you are probably feeling overwhelmed by all the flooring options available to you.

Why not give DFI Floor Works Inc. a call for help? We’re the best tile team in the Longmont area. Not only do our flooring installations provide complete customer satisfaction, but we are also able to answer any inquiry you might have about the complex world of home flooring.

There are many flooring options out there. From laminate to hardwood flooring, every choice seems so drastically different. Do you know what type of flooring is best for your bathroom? What if you make the mistake of installing an ill-suited flooring type in your kitchen? Instead of risking making a poorly informed decision, give us a call. We’ll help you pick out the right flooring for your home and see the installation process through from start to finish.

DFI Floor Works Inc. Repairs Bad Tile Jobs

If you attempted DIY (Do-It-Yourself) tile repair in your Longmont bathroom, or if you enlisted the services of an amateur flooring contractor, don’t panic. Just give DFI Floor Works Inc. a call.

Sometimes bad tile work can be difficult to spot. The flooring installation professionals decided to give you a few tips on how to identify poorly installed tiling:

  • Uneven or unstable tiles
  • Too much grout between tiles
  • Incorrectly cut tile
  • Crooked tiles
  • Overuse of sealant
  • Cracked tiles

If your tile has been poorly installed, it will only lead to more problems in the future. Tiles will shift, continue to crack or allow water to pool underneath the flooring system. If you’ve made mistakes in your tiling process of your amateur handyman has done a bad job, call us for a consultation. We will assess the damages and get to work on repairs right away.

Best Bathroom Flooring Options in Longmont

Because not only are there many options for your Longmont family’s home, some rooms of your home might benefit from specific kinds of flooring. You might be thinking, ‘Wait, some homes’ rooms have different flooring systems than others?’ Yes, it is true.

Not every home opts for different flooring systems in their home, but most of them do. You might not notice this when you walk through a friend’s home, but that is probably because they’ve made choices so appropriate that they blend in with the home decor seamlessly.

When it comes to your bathroom, some flooring options are more ideal than others. What are the worst ones? You know that solid hardwood that covers the floors of the rest of your home? Well, that hardwood is the worst choice for your bathroom floor.

Other than a top-coating, it has no defense against moisture. That means over time your hardwood will rot out. Bathrooms are extremely moist, after all.

The best option? There are several. Porcelain tile and ceramic tile are the best and long-lasting choices. Vinyl or other tile options are also suitable for bathrooms too.

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